I create stories, companies, movements,
and world change.

By that I mean, I’m a storyteller, startup investor, philanthropist, creative director, inventor, and artist. The average human only lives 28,000 days I strive to make an impact with mine.

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A social entrepreneur who is leading change through innovation. -Forbes

Fam Mirza is a Serial Entrepreneur, investor, american marketer, and philanthropist.

He is best known for creating brands in consumer retail, apparel, tech, biotechnology, and music verticals.

In the philanthropic world he is known for being the founder of the 1:Face watch movement which changed the lives of millions. A watch brand that partnered with NGOs to fund greenhouses, water wells, and treatment projects across the globe.

Mirza has not only been busy creating his own brands but he has also advised and invested in an array of companies.

These companies have generated over 100 Million in revenue with two recent IPOs on the stock market.

His core investing beliefs are investing in the team rather than the overall product. He believes in company cultures which focus on be hiring faster, firing faster, scaling faster by failing faster, because these are the lessons learned that provide the growth which leads to success.

He Demonstrates how philanthropy has changed in society as a whole. -Inc

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